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from May 30th, 2022, renting one of the “ESWE Verkehr meinRad“-bikes is not available for the time being. This also includes the functionality of the app.

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ESWE Verkehr presses the reset button on meinRad: realignment planned for bike rental system

Translated press release

Wiesbaden's mobility service provider is planning a realignment at ESWE Verkehr meinRad. The bicycle rental system in the Hessian state capital is to be placed on fundamentally new wheels. To enable the realignment, Wiesbaden's "meinRad" service will be suspended on the night of 30 May 2022 until further notice. ESWE Verkehr is thus continuing to work consistently on its strategy of creating an attractive comprehensive mobility offer for Wiesbaden.

"Our goal is to put a bicycle service on the road that is even better tailored to the needs of people in the city," explains ESWE-Verkehr Managing Director Jan Görnemann. In recent months, meinRad usage figures have been steadily declining. "In April we had a total of 1,800 rentals, which means only 450 rentals per week. This means that the system is not economically viable," Görnemann continues. "It is only right to then also consistently say that it cannot continue like this."

The use of ESWE Verkehr meinRad will therefore be interrupted for Wiesbaden users on the night of 30 May 2022. From this day on, it will no longer be possible to hire the orange two-wheelers in the Hessian state capital. The interruption coincides with a planned "meinRad" system changeover in Mainz on 1 June. At the same time, this will end the cooperation between the two state capitals in the operation of the bicycle rental system.

"From our point of view, it is the right time not to go along with this step and instead aim for the reorientation of a bicycle rental system for Wiesbaden," says Jan Görnemann. "The market is fiercely competitive with other bike rental companies and especially electric pedal scooters. At the same time, we have not succeeded in making an attractive offer to classic bike users such as students or tourists." Despite intensive efforts by ESWE Verkehr, it was not possible to attract enough long-term regular users to the current concept after the positive developments at the system launch in summer 2018. "The beauty of honest stocktaking is that you can draw the right conclusions for the future. And that's exactly what we intend to do now," says Görnemann.

As the "meinRad" realignment will take time, ESWE Verkehr is arranging the next steps in the coming days. This will include collecting all 600 bicycles. However, the previous 89 "meinRad" stations will remain at all locations in the city and will be included in the new concept. The rental function in the ESWE Verkehr meinRad app will be deactivated on 30 May. It will also no longer be possible to re-register.

"We made this decision together after a long process of consideration among all stakeholders. We are aware that a new concept needs time to mature. We will also take this time," says the ESWE Transport Managing Director. In the end, however, it is important that the new strategy can be operated economically. "In addition, the new 'meinRad concept' must make a meaningful contribution to reducing car journeys in Wiesbaden," Jan Görnemann concludes.  

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