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Bus stop timetables

Bus stop timetables are the timetables you will have seen on our bus stops in Wiesbaden. They show all departures of a route from the relevant stop. Their DIN A4 size make them also ideal for printing out and displaying at home or at work.

Using the form below, you can find your individual timetables for each bus stop.

Download: Printed timetables

Please enter the name of the bus-stop, an address or the number of a bus-line in the search field.

Timetable book pages 2021

The timetables for all the lines that are operated by other transportation companies can be found on the appropriate websites of those affiliated with us.

RMV timetable hotline

open 24/7

Phone: (069) 24 24 80 24

On-call shared taxi (AST)

How does the on-call shared taxi work?

  • As a general rule: You must register your desired journey in advance by telephone.
  • You will find the telephone number you need to register your journey in the detailed view of your RMV timetable information.
  • The basic price is the fare of the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (RMV). However, some companies charge additional fees due to a higher level of convenience for you (e.g. door-to-door journeys). 
  • Apart from this, on-call shared taxis usually travel defined routes starting from key transport hubs such as train stations or central squares.

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