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About us

As the public transport provider for Hesse’s state capital, Wiesbaden, ESWE Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH balances a strong tradition with a focus on the future. Our buses have been an integral and distinct part of Wiesbaden for decades, giving people enormous trust in us. Proud of our status as a progressive transport company, we combine this trust with many technological innovations. Our fleet of around 290 modern vehicles sets standards in exhaust gas reduction and filtering in particular.

ESWE Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH employs around 1,100 people, around two thirds of whom are drivers. They carry more than 61 million passengers every year on 43 different routes, covering 640 kilometres.

We are a partner of the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (RMV), one of Germany’s largest transport associations. The RMV area covers around 14,000 square kilometres in southern and central Hesse and some neighbouring districts. This region is home to around five million people who all benefit from the integrated ticketing system.