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The Nerobergbahn – Wiesbaden’s romantic landmark

On the side of the Neroberg hill, you will find a very special transport experience. Those who prefer not to walk up the hill to Wiesbaden’s most stunning viewpoint can choose a historic mode of transport instead: The Nerobergbahn, Germany’s oldest water-powered funicular railway.

At this site you will find all important informationen regarding the opening hours, the Nerobergbahn itself and more!

Operating hours

Since 1. November 2023 the Nerobergbahn is on winter break. The start of the coming season is scheduled for Good Friday, 29. March 2024.

The Nerobergbahn runs daily from April to October at 15-minute intervals from 9:00 to 7:00 pm.

To shorten the waiting time, please take a look at Technology and History and find out more about us!

Single (up or down)


Adult: 5.00 €
Child (6 to 14 years): 3.00 €

Single (up or down)

Adult: 4.00 €
Child (6 to 14 years): 2.50 €

Family ticket


For two adults and up to three of their own children (6-14 years). 12.00 €

Group ticket (from 10 people)


Adult: 4.50 €
Child (6 to 14 years): 2.50 €
Kindergarten groups
(per child and teacher):
1.00 €

Single (up or down)

Adult: 3.50 €
Child (6 to 14 years): 2.00 €

Please also note our combined offers.

Information on travelling on the Nerobergbahn

The Nerobergbahn is not conventional public transport, but a historic railway used for tourism and leisure purposes. The stations are also protected historic monuments, resulting in certain structural features.

In general, wheelchairs (non-electric) can be transported on the large outdoor platform. Exception: Due to their heavy weight, electric wheelchairs cannot be transported. Please note that all paths on the Neroberg are cobbled.

For safety reasons, bicycles cannot be carried.

There is free parking at the valley station of the Nerobergbahn.

Buggies can generally be transported. However, please note that the paths to the Nerobergbahn’s stations and carriages, which are more than 130 years old, are comparatively narrow and that very large buggies may not fit. Buggies are carried on the large outdoor platform.

Dogs are permitted.

Please also note our separate fare and carriage conditions in the stations. Funicular railways are special means of transport with their own set of fares. RMV tickets are therefore not valid on the Nerobergbahn.


Nerobergbahn Wiesbaden

Wilhelminenstraße 51
65193 Wiesbaden

By bus

Take ESWE bus 1 from Wiesbaden Hauptbahnhof to the last stop, Nerotal.

For sat nav

Nerotal 66
65193 Wiesbaden

Car parking

There is free parking at the valley station of the Nerobergbahn.

Nature and culture on the Neroberg

Today’s visitors to the Neroberg will find it almost unchanged from more than 100 years ago. The stunning backdrop is fronted by the Nerobergtempel, located on top of the Nerobergbahn’s hilltop reservoir. But the magnificent views across the Rhine and all the way to the forested hills of the Odenwald are not the only attraction at Wiesbaden’s highest point.

The Neroberg is also an ideal starting point for many hours of walks through the extensive, silent forests of the Rhein-Taunus Nature Park, on easily accessible paths. A forest adventure path, a high ropes course, the Russian chapel, a cafe and the Opelbad – one of Germany’s most beautiful outdoor swimming pools – all make up the attraction of the Neroberg that Wiesbaden’s residents call their own.

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